Help children in need by sharing your story

To all the courageous foster children living in a difficult group home – I see you. I am sorry for everything that you have gone through, and I promise that I will work hard to ensure that you and other children no longer face the same challenges. And now I need your help.

Your story is a powerful tool to educate the public on the inequalities happening inside of group homes. I know that the staff want you to fear them. They make children feel powerless by taking away everything until asked under the false pretense of “safety” reasons or control.

I invite you and all children who are ready to take back their power to do so by telling your story. If we can be brave, open and vulnerable, we can help provide foster children like you the help and support that they need.

Adults who have worked or are working alongside foster care children are also encouraged to share their stories. Whether you are a treatment counselor, a therapist, or a social worker, your voice needs to be heard. Your stories on any distressing conditions or experiences that foster children have at group homes will help increase awareness of these situations. And help bring about much-needed change in the system as well. You are invited to tell your tale here.

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