Taking care of yourself as a parent

We all have a hard time being the parent we want to be when we’re stressed out. The positive parent focuses on what’s right in the parent-and-child relationship, finds joy in the simple things, and takes the general attitude that while there are lots of things they can’t directly control, they can control what they … Read more Taking care of yourself as a parent


You would be shocked at how a simple schedule change can solve many quarrels and tensions. In our busy lives, we don’t make time for things we should. So now is a great time to start. Think about adding buffers to your schedule; if you get into a traffic jam or if your child is … Read more Schedule

Positive Parenting 

Cultivating a positive parenting approach will help children develop skills and learn appropriate ways of behaving. Positive parenting highlights the optimistic behavior points and magnifies the child’s good characteristics by celebrating them. This plants these good characteristics into their personality and helps them grow.  We must believe that there are no bad kids, just bad … Read more Positive Parenting 


Being a positive parent is rooted in reality. They don’t ignore when the child crosses a boundary, limit, or rule. Instead, the parent understands that if they want to teach the child, they must be willing to look within themselves. The parent must also model every boundary put in place, otherwise, the child will not … Read more Boundaries

Basic requirements for becoming a foster parent

What are the basic requirements? Available space in your home Valid driver’s license Valid source of income Reliable transportation Who can become a foster parent? Single adults over 18+ LGBTQ adults 18+ Resource family recruitment and approval division welcomes families of all sizes, ages, racial backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientation, gender identities, domestic partnership status, medical … Read more Basic requirements for becoming a foster parent